Production and Sale of Highest Quality Sheep and Goat Cheeses

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Quality and Tradition


We invite you to a gastronomic trip around Extremadura through its cheese.

The gastronomic products we present in this online store are a tasted pre-selection of what we consider the best cheeses of Extremadura, following certain quality, homemade and ecologic criteria.

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What is Pastovelia?


Our best sheep and goat cheeses stand out in our online shop, with special pride of our Torta del Casar, a unique cheese, a pleasure to the palate with a guarantee of origin ('D.O.P.’ in Spanish).

We currently offer the widest selection of cheese from Extremadura available for sale online. However, we will be happy to attend your requests, especially regarding our custom-made packs.



Cheese Route

Extremadura offers the Cheese Route, in which more than a hundred companies and institutions work, such as farms and livestock farms, cheese dairies, accommodation, restaurants, gastronomic shops, specialized guides, activity companies, receptive agencies, museums, interpretation centers , tourist offices and other gastronomic producers. This gastronomic tourism itinerary has been promoted by the General Directorate of Tourism, with the collaboration of the Provincial Councils of Cáceres and Badajoz and the Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) Torta del Casar, Queso de La Serena, Queso Ibores and Quesos de Acehuche, the Extremadura Network for Rural Development and the local action groups involved

Collaboration with the Food Bank

The Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL) is an apolitical and non-denominational entity, founded in 1995, which promotes the work, image and figure of the associated Food Banks in their fight against hunger, poverty and waste of food by using it and distributing it to the most needy people, also contributing to improving the environment.

Recipes with Torta del Casar

The Torta del Casar is such an exquisite product that why not use it to create new recipes?
With the aim of highlighting our flagship product, we propose a series of ready-made recipes, in which we assure you that no palate will be left unsatisfied.