Purchase conditions

1. - We guarantee all minimum weights.

2. - Once the order is processed, we will deliver orders placed from Monday to Friday within 48-72 hours. The corresponding days will be added to orders placed on weekends. Deliveries will be arranged with an urgent shipping company.

3. - VAT is included in all prices. 

4.- Pastovelia will own their own products until these are paid for.

5.- Availability: Our products are, in many cases, part of a limited production. In case there is no available stock of a certain product, we will inform you and offer you a similar alternative.

6.- Quality Assurance: In case of any issue arising from the packaging or product quality, PASTOVELIA commits to assess the product as long as the issues are reported within 7 calendar days from reception of the product by the customer, following the procedure related in the section Return Policy.

7.- Data protection: The data provided by the customer will be processed only for commercial purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties.


8.- The applicable shipping costs will be based on the following table (just for the SPAIN peninsula):

     - Shipments under € 20: € 7 shipping costs.

     - Shipments over € 20 and under € 40: € 6 shipping costs.

     - Shipments over € 40 and under € 60: € 5 shipping costs.

     - Shipments over € 60 and under € 80: € 3 shipping costs.

     - Shipments over € 80: € 0 shipping costs.

9-. Shipments, and their associated costs, are estimated for shipments to Spain, within the Peninsula. Spanish territories outside the peninsula and shipments abroad will have additional costs, for which it will be necessary to contact by email at info@pastovelia.es to quote these expenses.

10-. Shipments abroad are not contemplated for sale to private parties. If required, it is necessary to send an email to the address info@pastovelia.es so that the associated expenses can be quoted.