Our origins

An unimitated age-old tradition

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A wonderful coincidence

By listening to our elders, we recall this land was inhabited by shepherds for centuries. This land is Extremadura. In the limit between the provinces of Badajoz and Cáceres, we find the so-called area ‘del Casar’.


This area is a steppe-like flatland plowed through by the mountains ‘Sierra de Fuentes’ from NW to SE. ‘El Casar’ has sandy soils, low fertility and little thickness, a continental climate, long and hot summers and mild and short winters. Its history is based on shepherds and transhumance, care, hours of loneliness, tradition and memory, milk and rennet...


It is very ancient history that includes the Vía de la Plata (Silver Route), Romans and Arabs, Castilian kings, Sancho IV and the Royal Court. Times when cheese was used as a bargaining chip. Old times.


It is also a time of modernity, efficiency and quality assurance, affection and efforts to remember the past while living the present and fighting for the future. It is a now-and-forever time.


Pastovelia and Pastoralia are the essence of what has been created for centuries – the best products from sheep and goat. 


We intend to keep that spirit from the old shepherds from Extremadura by offering organic products for those who value the essential, natural and healthy things, combining the flavors of the food our grandparents used to eat with a 21st century care and quality.

That is Pastovelia's spirit and we aim to keep it like that.


Production Process

Our process starts from receiving merino sheep's milk and medium fine from our suppliers. They are ‘Denominación de Origen Protegida Torta del Casar’ (guarantee of origin) certified. The milk goes through the strictest quality controls to maintain the high standards our products require according to our firm commitment with our customers.

Later on, we need to provide the best care during manufacture in order to keep in the product its distinguishing aroma and flavors, since they are raw-processed products.

‘Curdling’ is the process through which the serum of the milk is put aside. This is made after the milk is decanted from a cask in the curdling area and it is sieved. During curdling, the milk temperature is risen up to 26 ºC - 32 ºC. This is when the vegetarian rennet is added – the main characteristic of this millennial process – through a liquid obtained from marinating in thistle flower Cynara Cardunculus water.

Due to its vegetable origin, this rennet confers distinguishing characteristics that make the final product unique, since the majority of rennet used in cheese-making is of animal origin.

After about an hour, it is gently whipped with a cheese lyre, a tool provided with multiple metallic strings to cut the rennet into less than two millimeter pieces.

Then, the dairy paste obtained in molds is added and it will later on be pressed in order to remove the excess of serum, providing it with its final shape, adding salt and taking it to the start, cure and finish chambers. After 60 days of care, this will result in the culinary treasure we make in our factory – ‘Torta del Casar’.

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