Recipes with Torta del Casar


Some recipes with Torta del Casar

Spanish gastronomy stands out for its great variety of creations in which the Torta del Casar, with Protected Designation of Origin, can provide you with better results both in private and professional kitchens.

Thanks to our fabulous location, Spanish gastronomy stands out for its original cuisine that oscillates between rural and coastal styles, and that represents a diversity resulting from many cultures, as well as landscapes and climates. Spanish cuisine is strongly influenced by throughout its history by the peoples that conquered its territory, as well as the peoples that it later conquered and colonized. This situation has provided a great variety of culinary techniques and ingredients.

For this reason, each Spanish cuisine can be determined by the influences of its land and the cook's own experience, which makes each recipe unique in our kitchens. Giving you the possibility of developing new creations, not contemplated until now.